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We specialize in working with individuals who want to get their finances organized, create or update their financial plan, and want a professional to partner with them to: improve their financial position, provide support and accountability and offer trusted, reliable and unbiased advice. We understand your unique life circumstances and the challenges you may face.

You will work with Randy Sanders, an experienced and knowledgeable adviser who understands your life. You are pulled in many directions: work, your children, your parents, your spouse. You have many responsibilities and sometimes keeping on top of your finances can be difficult because you have so many other things to do!

We Are Excited to Introduce the MAP Plan "Middle America's Plan". A new way to plan for a successful retirement for those who earn between $50,000 to $100,000 per year. The financial services industry has not been able to offer a reliable guaranteed income plan to people in this group, until now. This plan takes the worry out of being able to accumulate enough funds for retirement. We are the selected advisers that will implement this plan for you.

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